A ‘Good’ Divorce?

October 6, 2017

Retired high court judge Sir Jeremy Cooke is joined by family solicitor and judge David Hodson, Ranti Williams and Rachel Huston to ask how Christian couples do divorce.


Is the Press too free?

September 29, 2017

Britain’s top media judge Sir Michael Tugendhat joins Sir Jeremy Cooke, Ranti Williams and Rachel Huston to talk about the freedoms and motivations of the press and question what really is in the public interest.


Tenants and Landlords: know your rights!

September 22, 2017

Housing lawyer Ed Veale joins Ranti Williams, Rachel Huston and retired high court judge Sir Jeremy Cooke to discuss how some scenarios tenants and landlords could find themselves in discuss the law and the Christian approach to solving them.


‘Genocide’ and International Law

September 15, 2017

ADF lawyer Laurence Wilkinson and leading genocide expert Professor William Schabas talk about how the legal definition is not always enough to stop mass murder. Sir Jeremy Cooke, Ranti Williams and Rachel Huston discuss how Christians respond.


Zero Hours Contracts- are they Christian?

September 8, 2017

Sir Jeremy Cooke, Ranti Williams and Rachel Huston debate the worth of zero hours contracts and look at their merits and drawbacks.


Discussing debt

September 2, 2017

How should Christians consider debt? Sir Jeremy Cooke, Ranti Williams and Rachel Huston look at the good and the bad of debt and hears from some listeners with their own queries about those who owe them money.


Wills and Power of Attorney

August 25, 2017

Sir Jeremy Cooke and Ranti Williams take a look at the importance of writing your will and lawyer Paul Martin gives some advice on how to issue power of attorney.


A Christian approach to Injustice..and should your workplace be ‘happy’

August 18, 2017

Retired high court judge Sir Jeremy Cooke takes a look at the biblical understanding of injustice and does your boss owe you a ‘happy’ work environment.



Christians who blow the whistle at work

August 11, 2017

Should Christians blow the whistle at work. Even though the law is meant to protect you, many have ended up in hot water or worse – sacked. When bus driver Martin found himself in this predicament he called Premier for some legal advice. What does the law and the bible have to say about whistleblowing?


Breastfeeding in church

August 4, 2017

Breastfeeding in public is entirely legal in the UK.  However one woman in America has was asked to leave a service after feeding her baby. In the Dock speaks to parish midwife Angela Sheridan about church culture and breastfeeding and Ranti Williams and Sir Jeremy Cooke ask just because it’s legal should suckling mothers stop and think before doing it in church.